Hello Canwood Clients.  The Lug pictured below (single & double) are no longer available at all.  Canwood Drums stopped using these lugs over 20 years ago and we have no stock on them at all.  

The manufacturer of these lugs went out of business over 20 years ago and this is why we stopped using them.  Canwood has no way of ordering more!  The holes drilled into the shell are 1 1/2 inch.  You might be able to find something similar on the internet that would be a close match.  Thank you for choosing Canwood Drums.


Fred Pepper
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Hello Canwood Clients/Owners,

At this time Canwood Percussion & Pro Audio is restructuring the company and relocating the manufacturing facility.  Currently we have no products or parts available for sale due to our operational status.

I am still available for questions but please be aware at this time we have no parts or products available for sale.

Thank you all for your patronage over the last 40 years

Fred Pepper


Canwood Percussion & Pro Audio